Didactic Pack ENERGIS - PEDALIGHT is designed for the study of the bright pedals without batteries for bike proposed by Pedalite. These ergonomic pedals operate from a system of energy generation with a signalling at 360 °. Flashes are created at every turn bottom bracket and pedal continues to generate flashes at the stop, for 5 minutes, thanks to a nifty storage of electrical energy. For students activities we associated a basic pedal with a light pedal and developed a model for the study of the behavior of light pedal. The set comes in case with resources and digital models.
Modelling under SolidWorks, PROTEUS ®, Flowcode ®.


A light pedal dismantled exploded view.
  • A light pedal complete.
  • A basic pedal.
  • A second light pedal complete in its packaging.
  • A model for the study of the behavior with light pedal integrated, skinned.
All delivered in a Briefcase.
Pedagogical, technical folders and resources on CD Rom