A motorized awning is associated with both Sun and wind sensors that capture the Sun's radiation and recorded the speed of the wind. The io - homecontrol coordinated to the remote control interface pilot opening and closing of the store on the basis of these two parameters. The information processing is achieved through new technology SOMFY io - homecontrol which has the advantage of giving feedback.
The proposed activities are at the height of the wealth of the proposed package: information chain, chain of energy, communication, mechanical, environmental...
Modelling of the store under SolidWorks.


Awning with operator 1.30 m compatible io - homecontrol.
Its use requires a wall mount identical to a store in the consumer market. (instructions provided). Width: 1,30 m, advanced: 0.90 m, mass: 20 kg, voltage: 230 V, I max: 0,65 A
Io wind sensor.
Sun io sensor.
Remote control with feedback.
Simulator wind/Sun.
(the two sensors above and the remote control are fixed on Simulator sun/wind)
3D io wind sensor (attaches directly to the awning)
Interface io.
For steering by Smartphone see TAHOMA Center ref. ETAHOMA
Pedagogical, technical folders and resources on CD Rom