ROBOT-PRINTO 3D is a tool for rapid prototyping. The student designs a room for example with a 3D CAD software SolidWorks ® type, backup the piece to the STL format and modelling is ready for manufacturing. II just the student connect ROBOT PRINTO 3D ® to the computer via the USB port and import the document to the STL format. Software that drive the Robot are Opensource and available/editable free. The material comes in the form of coils of filaments (PLA or ABS) and is filed in successive layers through the nozzle of the Robot. This process by submitting a thread fade (FDM) is particularly simple, fast and accurate!
ROBOT - PRINTO 3D ® is designed and manufactured in France
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Technical characteristics

Dimensions: diameter 400 mm
Printable volume: cylinder diameter 180 mm and 180 mm in height.
Positioning of the head very fast: up to 250 mm/sec
Positioning resolution 88 steps/mm in three directions X/Y/Z.
Printing by underblanket area fixed, without movement of the printed piece.
Chassis high-precision laser-cut aluminum.
Enclosure made of unbreakable polycarbonate.Note: the software driving the robot are available/editable Opensource software for free.
Power supply 220 V
Technical file and resources on CD Rom


ROBOT - PRINTO 3D: configured and ready to use.
Start supplies: two reels of 1 kg of matter (1 kg of ABS) and one kg of PLA in white
ROBOT-PRINTO 3D ® is delivered without a computer. If you want to buy a computer that is configured for use with the ROBOT click here PC laptop or if you prefer that an engineer moves to deliver you the ROBOT-PRINTO 3D ®, install it and form a group of teachers to the grip, (approximately 3 hours), click hereINSTALLATION of ROBOT-PRINTO 3D ®